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Jennifer Hart, Las Vegas author and illustrator of Baxter The Dog Books creates 'Book For A Book' program to partner with The Children's Heart Foundation and give books to the Heart Kids for the holidays.

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Meet Jenn & Baxter


Hi. My name is Jennifer Hart. I'm an author, illustrator and creator of things. I also happen to be the owner of a pretty special pup, Baxter. He's full of curiosity and cuddly as they come. Baxter's appetite for life (and treats) combined with an unconditional love for everyone he meets inspires me everyday.

"Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" is the first of his many adventures. Follow Baxter past the sneaker trees and cupcake bees to a place only you can see. Enjoy 40 full color illustrations done with ink and watercolor. Explore Baxter's land of imagination filled with colorful characters, fun surprises and an adventure that will inspire creativity for all ages.

"Get Creative. Be Kind. Seek Adventure." - Jennifer Hart


“Baxter Goes to Imagination Land” Trailer

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