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"Can be described in one word – enchanting!" - Reader's Favorite

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land by Jennifer Hart can be described in one word – enchanting! But again, as in all writings apparently ordinary, the meanings and tales behind simple titles are extra-ordinary! This book is a charming story about Baxter, a pup who’s made up of ‘small stuff’ and ‘tall stuff’, and is a super soft furry pal. The author describes Baxter as a ‘mostly real dog’ which instantly brings smiles to anyone’s face, and the thought "I am curious and want to know more about this ‘mostly real’ Baxter!" The cover is unique and attractive, inviting a look inside. The illustrations by the author herself are innovative, original and unique, lending great value to the book.

The story starts with Baxter finding himself upside down in a magical land with Canvass Shoe trees and Cupcake Bees. In the short little episodes that follow, the author has let pictures speak the language of a little child’s heart – illustrations, pictures and cartoons. Refraining from thrusting grammar and rhyme down the throats of the target audience of very young children, the author has kept both the story and timeline perfectly attuned to delighting tiny tots and stirring their imaginations. Despite it being a very short book, Jennifer Hart has written a tale that will delight young readers for hours at a time, as they play with Baxter and go with him to Imagination Land. This book will light up imagination and creativity in children. A worthy addition to the young reader's library.