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Coloring Book Is Coming

Baxter Goes To Imagination Land Coloring Book

Hart teases fans with early drawings of her upcoming coloring book starring Baxter The Dog as he returns to Imagination Land to explore and meet more fun characters from this colorful world. Join Baxter's Pack to be notified when the coloring book goes on sale.

"Takes the imagination’s wandering to delightfully absurd ends..." – Kirkus Reviews

"...In her illustrations, Hart takes the imagination’s wandering to delightfully absurd ends sure to tickle toddlers and other lap readers. Her design (with large letters spelling out the word “Bark” for effect when Baxter calls out) and color choices are appealing, though the palette is somewhat subdued. The metaphor of the imagination’s voice coming from a seed is sure to appeal to adult readers, who can use the book to encourage their young ones to express themselves through their own artistic ideas, whether, like Hart’s, these images are abstract or built on scribbles or just silly, like polka-dotted elephants and peanut butter–and-jelly mountains...

Lap readers are sure to enjoy this trip into a canine imagination—and use this journey to jump-start their own art projects."

– Kirkus Reviews