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Jennifer Hart Asked To Be A Guest On 'Aspects Of Writing'


Jennifer Hart discusses branding yourself with host, James Kelley, and Joyce Gatschenberger, author of “Lines of Listening,” “Generations Intertwine,” and cohost of “Senior Aspects.”

Episode coming in November. Check back to hear the show.


Coloring & Activity Book Available

Coloring & Activity Book for kids and kids at heart. Explore Imagination Land with Baxter The Dog and friends.

Coloring & Activity Book for kids and kids at heart. Explore Imagination Land with Baxter The Dog and friends.


The adventure continues with Baxter The Dog in “Baxter Returns to Imagination Land” and this time you get to color in Baxter’s world of whimsical characters, funny surprises and landscapes only a mostly real dog could dream up. Continue exploring Imagination Land with Baxter, the “most fun, curious kind of supersoft furry pal you’ll find.” Meet new friends and visit old favorites like the “candied cats with donut hats” and the “squeaker toys playing hide and seek” from Baxter’s first adventure, “Baxter Goes to Imagination Land.” 48 pages of coloring and activities for ages 3-6, including; connect the dots, drawing prompts, mazes and more!

Come Stand On Our Grass


Every event gets a little bigger. This February 2, Jenn and Baxter invite you to come take a seat and a pic with Baxter on his grassy patch. Don't forget to say hi to Jenn and grab your copy of Baxter's adventure.

First First Friday!

Jennifer Hart and Baxter The Dog

The first First Friday of the year went off without a hitch. Baxter and Jenn attended and brought some new stickers and coloring sheets to share with eager fans and friends. Come out and say hi at their next event February 2, 2018 on Main St. at First Friday.

Head Of The Class

Ms. Connie's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Connie's Kindergarten Class

Jennifer Hart visited Ms. Connie's Kindergarten creative writing class at Seton Academy. 

"Those kids were so smart and imaginative. It always blows my mind how children's brains work. They are so pure and uninhibited at that age. I hope it was as inspiring for them as it was for me." - Jennifer Hart.

After a reading of "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" that had the kids giggling and asking questions the class got a question and answer about being an author with Jenn. Finally, she guided a live brainstorm with the class and they came up with their own story. The class illustrated a cover for the storyline they came up with together.

"A pizza that got lost in the North Pole when it fell into a garbage truck and was driven away. After escaping the truck through a perfectly triangle-shaped hole it called a magic jet that flew it home."

A talented class indeed!

Baxter Meets An Elf

Farmers Market With Baxter The Dog

Jenn and Baxter attended the Fresh 52 Christmas Market and had a fun filled day meeting fans, meeting elves, singing carols and sharing their story. Stop and say hi at upcoming events with  First Friday  in January, February and March.

Baxter at First Friday

Baxter and Jenn will be joining the ranks of artists and foodies on December 1, 2017 for First Friday in The Arts District, Las Vegas. Jenn will be there to autograph your copy of "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" or just stop to say hi to the dog that inspired it all, Baxter. Imagination Land books, stickers, coloring books and more will be available for purchase. We hope to see you there!