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Ms. Connie's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Connie's Kindergarten Class

Jennifer Hart visited Ms. Connie's Kindergarten creative writing class at Seton Academy. 

"Those kids were so smart and imaginative. It always blows my mind how children's brains work. They are so pure and uninhibited at that age. I hope it was as inspiring for them as it was for me." - Jennifer Hart.

After a reading of "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" that had the kids giggling and asking questions the class got a question and answer about being an author with Jenn. Finally, she guided a live brainstorm with the class and they came up with their own story. The class illustrated a cover for the storyline they came up with together.

"A pizza that got lost in the North Pole when it fell into a garbage truck and was driven away. After escaping the truck through a perfectly triangle-shaped hole it called a magic jet that flew it home."

A talented class indeed!