Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart & Baxter The Dog

Jennifer Hart & Baxter The Dog


Just a girl and her dog…

Jennifer Hart is a storyteller born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. As an author and illustrator, her words and art paint pictures that encourage kids and kids at heart to explore and pursue all things kind and creative in the world. When she’s not telling fictional tales, her company, Hart House Creative, is composing literal ones in the form of company branding for businesses of all sizes.

Hart’s passion for creativity began at a young age with pretend places and lots of drawing. She won art and writing contests throughout her time in school and pursued a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. While she continued honing her skills as a writer and artist, Hart spent the next ten years helping brands develop their stories. Her award-winning designs and concepts earned her accolades from the NCAA, AAF and CAI. Her designs have been featured in National Geographic, on billboards, digital screens and in national magazines across the United States. In 2017, her success in corporate advertising campaigns and brand development lead to the opening of her own creative solutions company, Hart House Creative.

As her design career expanded, so did her wanderlust. Hart recognized that traveling to new places fed her creativity the same way traveling to made-up places did when she was a kid. She resolved to make this a regular part of her life. On the way back from a real adventure in one of these new places, she wrote a made-up one about her dog, Baxter. In 2017, It became her first self-published work, Baxter Goes to Imagination Land. Since then, she’s been featured in Vegas Seven, on Fox5More, and on Channel 13. She served on the board for Coffee House Tours, a community of authors supporting authors, for one year and was selected for the Nevada Artist’s Roster for 2019-2022.

Hart also founded a charity book drive in 2018 called Book for a Book that benefited the kids at The Children’s Heart Foundation. She donates time and effort to organizations such as Communities In Schools, Noah’s Animal Foundation, and Three Square.

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