Jennifer Hart

Jenn & Baxter The Dog 

Jenn & Baxter The Dog 


It all started when…

Jennifer Hart is a curator of creativity—sharing stories to inspire people, make them laugh and provoke thoughtful conversations as an author, illustrator, designer and art director under the glittering lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, her hometown. 
As a child, making up backyard adventures full of strange creatures, magical castles and talking vegetation fostered Hart’s passion for storytelling. Creative outlets like writing competitions, art classes, band, music lessons and sketching, furthered her interest for artistry, which then led Hart to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. 

Throughout her art career, Hart helped develop and tell the stories of some of the world’s most renowned brands, such as; The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas,, The Venetian, and Capriotti’s. She has won numerous awards for her design concepts, advertising campaigns and art direction. 
As her career expanded, so did her wanderlust. In her twenties, Hart recognized that travel fed her creativity and made it a lifelong goal to visit at least one city she’s never been to each year. In 2016, on the way back from a real adventure in one of these new cities she wrote a mostly made-up one about her dog, Baxter. It became her first published work the following year.

“Baxter Goes To Imagination Land” was Hart’s debut children’s book. It is the first in a series designed to teach children about adventure, creativity and kindness starring her real-life dog, Baxter. In Imagination Land, you’ll follow your imagination past the sneaker trees and cupcake bees to a place only you can see.