Jennifer Hart

Jenn & Baxter The Dog

Jenn & Baxter The Dog


It all started when…

Jennifer Hart is a curator of creativity from Las Vegas, Nevada—sharing stories to inspire people, make them laugh and provoke thoughtful conversations as an author, illustrator and brand developer.

Hart’s passion for storytelling began at a young age. She spent most of her childhood making up backyard adventures full of whimsical creatures, magical castles and talking trees that knew the secret to save the day. Forever a kid-at-heart, Hart pursued a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design hoping to practice art as a career. 

While she continued honing her skills as a writer, Hart spent the next ten years helping others develop their stories in the form of company branding and design, such brands included; The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas,, The Venetian, Park MGM and North Agenda and Vegas Live Work. Her award winning design concepts, advertising campaigns and brand development lead to the opening of her own creative solutions company, Hart House Creative.  

As her career expanded, so did her wanderlust. Hart recognized that travel fed her creativity the same way traveling to made-up places did when she was a kid. She resolved to make this a regular part of her life. In 2016, on the way back from a real adventure to one of these new places, she wrote a made-up one about her dog, Baxter. It became her first published work the following year which simultaneously fulfillled a childhood aspiration and ignited her second career.

“Baxter Goes To Imagination Land” was Hart’s debut children’s book. It is the first in a series designed to teach children about adventure, creativity and kindness starring her real-life dog, Baxter. Hart continues to create and publish work. She looks forward to sharing more of Baxter’s adventures and exploring some new ones.

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