Some Heroes Wear T-Shirts & Jeans


Everyone likes a hero.
Someone to save the day.
They could be a fireman, a sergeant,
A policeman, a Green Bourrée.
A superhero on the big screen
wearing colorful tights and a cape.

But –
Some heroes wear jeans and a t-shirt
Sunday through Saturday.

They’re the ones getting groceries 
to make dinner for friends.
They’re the ones sitting by your side
til the very end.
They are the ones that drive you to school
because you were running late that day,
or give you a flower 
when gray clouds come your way.
They are the ones that sing you lullabies when 
you can’t go to sleep.
They are the ones that convince you
to always eat all your peas.
They are the ones that hug you
the tightest every time.
They’re the ones that always
cheer on your unique rhythm and rhyme.

They’re the ones that never ask
for a favor in return
though you probably owe them
more than you could ever
give back in cash, gifts or words.

They are your home.
They are love.
They are the ones
that you can’t speak enough of.
They are silent 
but their actions are loud.
They make the world better
just by being around.

With all the gratitude that I have,
I dedicate this one to my mom and dad.

Thank you for being my heroes.


Text and Illustration copyright © 2018 Jennifer Hart.