Rexie wasn’t like any other Tyrannosaur.
They liked to hunt and eat all day
but Rexie wanted to explore and play.
Rexie liked to stare at the clouds,
watch birds and listen to their sounds. 

It wasn’t that she couldn’t hunt or was a coward.
Rexie just preferred making colors with flowers, 
dreaming up dreams that might come true,
or laying in the grass to wonder at its hue.

The other T-Rex didn’t like her much.
“She’s weird,” “She’s lame,” They’d say,
“What does she do all day?”
Rexie was just misunderstood.
She saw things no one else could.

One day all The Rex were out on a hunt
when a terrible storm came and created a flood.
T-Rex aren’t known to be good swimmers.
The hunting crew got trapped chasing their dinner.

Rexie had wandered off counting petals
just to see how many were in her favorite meadow.
She saw the group and knew they were in trouble.
T-Rex don’t float so she hurried to help – on the double!
An idea! She knew what to do!

“I’ll roll this log over and make a dino-friendly canoe.”
The hunters watched in a huff, “What could Rexie do?”
They judged and they glared at her as she tried her best
to roll the log to the pop-up river that had stranded the rest.

Rexie reached the edge of the water and sat down.
She heard the others cry, “Get up! There’s no time to lie around.”
Working her claws to create a center big enough for two
she hollowed the log and then punched her feet through.
“Gasp!” The Tyrannosaurs all sounded off together.

“Great! Now she’s stuck and we’re still docked.
We’re never getting off this lousy rock!”
Rexie smiled and pushed off into the river.
It turns out T-Rex could be great swimmers.

She paddled her feet under the boat and glided across
landing on the rock with no problem at all.
There was silence. The hunters were shocked.
“Rexie! Rexie had saved them!” They shouted and gawked,
“Thank you! I mean, wow! How did you know it would work?”

“I didn’t, but we had to try something. You were stuck,”
She laughed, “Plus, I needed to test this anyway, what luck!
I had thought of making a boat to take on the lake
to explore the other side and see what else I could make?

I’ve seen all these flowers, I’ve traveled all these roads,
She continued, “Now I can go further using this boat.”
One by one Rexie carried them across to the shore.
Each T-Rex grateful not to be on the rock anymore. 
Rexie was a hero. They all agreed.

They had been wrong. They’d stop treating her poorly.
She was different and that was more than ok.
Her dreams turned into things
and those things might save them again one day.


Text and Illustration copyright © 2018 Jennifer Hart.