baxter the dog

Little Miss Bossy Pants


Do this! Do that!
You should! You shant!
Make it. Take it. No don’t! You can’t.
Have you met Little Miss Bossy Pants?

She tries, she cares, she wants perfect
every time, everywhere.
And, this drives her and everyone else
to pull out their hair.

Once Baxter The Dog offered to help
Little Miss Bossy Pants throw
a dinner and dance
for her three favorite aunts.

This should be fun Baxter thought.
We’ll pick up the food to make
and a few decorations to hang.
“Then the fun will begin!” He sang.

Little Miss Bossy Pants
had other ideas…
“Baxter pick out the flowers.”
“Baxter clean up the yard.”
“Baxter blow up balloons.”
“No Baxter, like this, that’s too much.”
“Baxter, don’t use a rake!”
“Baxter, are these flowers fake?”
“Baxter! Baxter! Baxter!”

Baxter put down the flowers.
And dropped the half blown balloon.
He sighed, put a paw on her arm,
then walked away and said, “I’ll be back soon.”

She huffed and puffed
and made an awful sound.
“Where are you going!?

Baxter returned in an hour with a grin.
Little Miss Bossy Pants
was rushing and running.
Baxter thought he saw her head spin.

Baxter made her stop
for a moment and said,
“Let’s take a break.
Look what I’ve brought.”

Little Miss Bossy Pants
loved chocolate cake.
Baxter brought her a slice
from her favorite place.

She breathed, “That’s very sweet.
Ok, Baxter, let’s eat.”
They sat eating cake
and laughed around the plate.

When every crumb was gone
Baxter stood, “Wasn’t that fun?”
Little Miss Bossy Pants nodded,
“Yes, but there’s still so much to be done.”

Baxter replied, “Sure, but this is the point,
there’s no need to toil to make it perfect.
Make sure you enjoy what you’re making.
Don’t just get through it.

I’ll help you. If you can promise me
you’ll try to have fun.
Please don’t boss me around.
Let’s do it together and it’ll get done.”

With that, they got to work,
but this time she wasn’t bossy.
She let Baxter help and plan too.
The party turned out even better - who knew!?

The Aunts danced till
their shoes had to be trashed.
They ate all the snacks.
And, they had all the laughs.

Yes, always try the best you can.
but try to let others be part of your plan.
Then you won’t have to worry - they’ll be no chance,
that you’ll turn into a Little Miss Bossy Pants.


Text and Illustration copyright © 2018 Jennifer Hart. 


Word Party


You’re invited to a word party!
Yes! I said it. A party for words.  
Because there is no party
like a word party. That’s for sure!


Where are my geeks at?
Where are my copy katz?
Where are my rhymers?
and my grammar good-timers?

The guest list will be long.
So, you’re sure to get along
with a shortie or a verb-ie.
Don’t worry we’re all a little nerdy.

The vowels are coming – A, E, I, O and U.
I guess they’re bringing Y too.

THEN said he’d GO. 
Only if LET’S stays between them though.

THE, AND, ARE and YOU are almost always in.
GROW’s taking his time. He can’t move fast on any decision. 

But he'll come around
when UP says she’s down.
And, DOWN will show up with CREW
hoping TOWN will be there too.

I kid – but JEST,
the biggest clown of all, is up to the test.
He’ll have CROWDS rolling and LADIES will giggle,
He might be the world’s coolest underused one syllable.

Come for FUNK
MUSIC will be loud
but we’ll enjoy all the SOUNDS.
There’s nothing quite like when
ALPHABETS get down.

PENCILS are out.
SET is ready to go.

What’s that?

BEWARE just warned TENSION,
“It wouldn’t be smart to invite ORANGE to the show,”
She said, “The party would end before it started, you know...
because nothing rhymes with orange.”


Well, that’s ok. 
ORANGE is misunderstood anyway.
Just come have a good time.
Don’t stress about the rhythm and rhyme.


Text and Illustration copyright © 2018 Jennifer Hart. 


Little Gray Cloud


Little gray cloud
I see you following me. 
And, that’s ok.
I invite you to come along.
I’m not afraid of your shadow.
I don’t mind your sad song.
I know you’re only here a short time.
So, I’ll enjoy the shade
till you’re no longer mine.

Little gray cloud
I see you leaving me. 
And, that’s ok.
I knew that this would happen someday.
I’m not afraid to step into the sun.
I won’t forget all that you’ve done.
And, until you return,
I’ll appreciate each happy thing
– each and every day
that your absence brings.



Text and Illustration copyright © 2018 Jennifer Hart.