Talking With Balloons

Have you ever asked a balloon where it would fly if you let go of the string and said goodbye? 

It might fly into the air as high as it could go to find a place where chips live in castles made of cheese. Where everyone spends their days swinging from milk chocolate trees. 

Is it possible it dreams of a world in black and white? Because there its colors would show so bright. 

How about a planet where it could talk to kites – kites and balloons have a lot in common, given that they both know what it’s like to have fallen. 

The balloon may ask not to fly. Instead, could it dive? Dive into the deep blue to tell a fish “How do you do.”

Perhaps the balloon doesn’t want to go anywhere at all. What if it loves the company it’s got? So, it will stay in this very spot.

I wish I could ask. I wish I could know. 
Just where this balloon would choose to go. 

Does anyone speak balloon? I do not. 
Oh well, looks like it popped. 



Text and Illustration copyright © 2017 Jennifer Hart.