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Jennifer Hart wants to come to your school to share her story and read "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land." Jenn's goal as a writer and human is to inspire creativity and cultivate a passion for thinking out-of-the-box. Schedule a FREE reading, art demo or appearance for your class.

"It's true, creativity can be used for art, music and writing but when you strip it down it's just problem solving. Let's use it often and everywhere."
-Jennifer Hart
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Reading Questions & Activities

After you've read "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" in a book club or classroom use these questions to jump start a conversation about creativity, curiosity and discovery.


Talking About Imagination Land

Get barking about what you've just read. Pick and choose or do the whole list, it's up to you!

Have you ever found yourself in a new place? What thoughts do you have about creativity after reading this book? Would you recommend the book to a friend? 


Creativity - Critical Thinking

2 ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: Black & white worksheets and teachers activity guide.

Tie-in "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land" with your classroom curriculum. Jenn Duggan and Baxter The Dog believe imagination is the key to problem solving. Creative thinkers are the inventors, business owners, designers and leaders in our communities. Use this activity as a warm up activity to get young brains motivated early in the day or before a writing exercise in your class.


Creativity - Ideas & Creative Writing

2 ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: Black & white worksheet, brainstorming template and teachers activity guide.

"Children enter school as question marks and leave as periods." - Neil Postman, Educator
Most of the time in the classroom we are looking for students to give us one right answer. This exercise challenges students to use the power of creativity and curiosity to analyze problems from every angle to come up with many answers in order to ultimately land on the best solutions.